So who am I anyway?



If you’re wondering, it’s ‘El-in-id’, my middle name – a Welsh family name, nobody can ever remember how to say or spell it, but it felt special to be able to use it to identify my work.

I’m inspired by nature, be that the small intricate details of the countryside, or by the charismatic creatures from further afield – so varied in their appearances and behaviours.

I studied Conservation Biology and Ecology at University, with the vague idea that I would become some sort of ecologist. But a creative life kept calling, and I found a way to express my appreciation for the natural world through carving miniature creatures and casting them in precious metals, turning them into gifts that can last a lifetime. 

It’s such an honour to know that pieces of my work have made their way around the world, as gifts for animal lovers from England to Australia.


Caring for the planet



All my jewellery is cast from recycled metals. My precious metal suppliers promise not to knowingly supply metals which in their extraction have harmed the environment, damaged communities or infringed labour standards or human rights.

All of my packaging is made from sustainable or recycled materials, making my jewellery as eco-conscious as possible.

I’d love to think that my generation can leave the world a better place than when we found it. 

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