Puffin necklace


This puffin pendant has a beautiful ‘fatness’ to it, just like the birds themselves, but remains beautifully wearable and dainty. It is shown standing up on its webbed feet, looking out over the cliffs to the sea beyond. The detail of it’s colour block feathers is captured in the carving of the puffin’s face and body.

This pendant shows specifically the Atlantic puffin, which is Vulnerable to extinction – making it the perfect iconic gift for any bird or nature lover looking to champion these birds for a brighter future.

With every purchase, we protect trees in the rainforest in order to help combat climate change.


All our casting is done using recycled precious metals, reducing our carbon impact on the envrionment.

Designs are all carved by hand in Cornwall by Rosalind, before being cast in recycled precious metals. Each piece is then finished individually in order to create beautiful, animal inspired pieces that represent a true realistic likeness of our favourite creatures from around the countryside.

All pieces are provided in a beautiful presentation box with the Rosalind Elunyd Logo foil stamped on the top.  The perfect way to keep your jewellery safe.

Precious metals can last a lifetime if treated correctly. Be sure to take off your jewellery when showering, and keep it away from lotions and potions. When you’re not wearing it, store it in the box for safe keeping, and to prevent tarnishing. A wipe with a polishing cloth can do wonders, but a light hand is recommended for plated items. I also offer a re-plating service, so please get in touch for more details.

Plated items come with ‘gold filled’ chains, which is a much thicker plating of gold  – so it lasts longer – over a base metal chain. If you would prefer gold vermeil, which is gold plated sterling silver, please just ask.

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