Sleeping hedgehog necklace


This sleepy hedgehog pendant is curled up to protect itself against the world as it hangs on this delicate chain. If you’ve ever seen an image of a hibernating hedgehog, curled into a tight ball whilst it sleeps away the winter, you’ll know why this pendant is a favourite in the Rosalind Elunyd collection. The hedgehog’s spines are shown through carvings across its body, which give the hedgehog a subtle texture that is beautiful to wear. The perfect gift for any nature or hedgehog champion.

The design is carved by hand and cast sustainably in recycled sterling silver, hanging on a fine 18 inch chain.

With every purchase, we protect trees in the rainforest in order to help combat climate change and species loss.


The hedgehog is approximately 13mm tall

Personalisation and plating options increase processing time by 1 week

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 5 cm


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