Caring for our planet

With all of the jewellery here being inspired by nature, it’s clear that I love our natural world, and I don’t doubt that you do too. 

All my jewellery is cast from recycled metals. My precious metal suppliers promise not to knowingly supply metals which in their extraction have harmed the environment, damaged communities or infringed labour standards or human rights.

The jewellery found here is timeless, it doesn’t follow fads and trends, meaning we don’t buy into ‘fast fashion’. Looked after correctly, precious metals can last a lifetime, and I truly hope these pieces will become heirlooms for some of you. If we buy quality products, our need to replace things is reduced, reducing our impact on the environment.

My packaging is made from an FSC certified cardboard box, and we’re working on something special for inside right now. The intention is that all the gift packaging is kept by our customers, to help them keep their jewellery safe when not in use. 

Postal packaging is recyclable and plastic free. I don’t include paper invoices in order to reduce the amount of waste, and any printed materials I do include are printed on recycled paper.

Production is done on a small scale, I hold small amounts of stock in order to eliminate wasted pieces – that’s part of the reason you won’t see flash sales, because I’m never looking to get rid of anything. 

My boxes are made down the road, and any other services I need are provided by English companies, ensuring any carbon impact from transport is at a minimum.

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